About Us

Orquestraimperial is a Brazilian Big Band framed in 2002 with the goal of reproducing the average Gafieira Samba sound. The gathering united prominent names from the new Carioca pop scene, for example, Rodrigo Amarante (from the gathering Los Hermanos), Moreno Veloso, Domenico Lancellotti and Kassin (from the +2 venture), Nina Becker, Thalma de Freitas, Max Sette and Rubinho Jacobina with experienced artists like Nélson Jacobina (the author of the Império Serrana) and the samba percussionist and artist Wilson das Neves. Different performers who have added to the Orquestra incorporate Berna Ceppas, Rodrigo Bartolo (who plays with Arnaldo Antunes and Duplexx), Pedro Sá (Caetano Veloso’s guitarist), Bidu Cordeiro (who went with the Paralamas do Sucesso and Reggae B) and DJ Marlboro who has picked up the title of authority Orquestra Imperial DJ.